What this site is all about...

This site was set up to promote the freeware simulation game GameBiz 2. The page has got one goal: to show people out there, that GameBiz 2 is one of the greatest freeware games currently available. Read on, watch some of the screenshots [yet to be added], and get a glimpse of what the game is all about. There are only some days left until the final release of GameBiz 2 - and a copy of the game may be waiting for your download.

What is GameBiz 2?

GameBiz 2 is a freeware simulation game made by Danish programmer Nino Arndt. The game evolves around the task to run a succesful software company from the end of 1979 up to today, even enabling the player to develop his own gaming console if he likes to. The player can design and release games and follow their progress on the sales charts, where his games are compared to the real games of that time. Over 20.000 original games have been included in the database, ensuring a dejá vu for experienced players. To keep the game from being predictable, the real-life games and systems are subject to degrees of random variability. For example, in Gamebiz and Gamebiz 2 it is possible for the Saturn to outsell the Playstation or popular games to flop. It is however a weighted system, for example Windows will be a hit 8 out of 10 time in the original Gamebiz.

GameBiz 2 is the follow-up to Gamebiz, which was released in 2004 and received well above 70.000 downloads from the official site alone. The game is set for release on October 15 2006.

GameBiz 2 will feature many improvements and additions compared to its predecessor. Among its features are:

  • ability to design and release consoles
  • more in-depth control over the release of games
  • ability to make games for a vast range of consoles including XBOX, Playstation, C64 and many more
  • ability to employ many famous programmers such as Sid Meier