Release is set for 15 October 2006

The release-date for GameBiz 2 has been set to 15 October 2006. The beta-testing of the game itself is mainly finished. No big bugs have shown up lately, that could endanger the release. The final game will be available for free download from the homepage of Veloci Games. The first release will still be missing some features which were originally planned for this release, but have now been scheduled to a later release with version 2.5 in March 2007. Since the hosting of a 15 MB download is pretty cost effective - not even taking into consideration the countless hours of work done by Nino and his volunteers - please consider donating what you can afford and what you would have paid for an commercial game. You may just think about the prices of them late games for mobile-phones - GameBiz 2 should be worth an equal amount, don't you think?

Features of GameBiz 2

These are the latest features of GameBiz 2. The list is based on the data published by Nino Arndt on 7 September 2006. The game will be published under the label of Osiris Games by Nino's own label Veloci Games.

Information :

  • GameBiz 2 full compile : 106.584 lines
  • GameBiz 2 core code : approx. 35.000 lines
  • GameBiz 2 download size : approx. 15 MB

Requirements :

  • Windows XP (Windows 98 not tested, yet)
  • Microsoft Media Player 9 or newer
  • hard disc space min. 50 MB (including the autosave at 31 MB)
  • minimum resolution of 800*600 (1024*768 recommended)

Main Features :

  • three difficulty levels
  • playing time from 1979 up to today - almost 3 decades of computer-gaming-history to be explored
  • a little-know-facts collection
  • build your own factory for producing consoles/platforms
  • create games and engines
  • hire famouse programmers like Sid Meier,Shigeru Miyamoto, and many others
  • compete against all the giants of the game business
  • more than 20.000 real life games (names scrambled), waiting for your competition
  • more than 60 different platforms and more than 30 different genres
  • MODs of the game, further enhancement planned
  • include your own company logo

MODs included in the final release :

  • full game
  • major platforms and genre's
  • consoles only
  • home computers only

Languages included (more will be available online later):

  • Danish
  • English(UK)

GameBiz 2 expands on every feature that could be found in the original Gamebiz. This game, alongside over one year of programming by Nino, includes lots of ideas and suggestions from the huge Gamebiz-fanbase.