Gamebiz - The Magic Years

In Gamebiz - The Magic Years (GB-TMY) you manage a games development company. Your goal is to make the best games for one or more of the 19 different platforms in the game. Platforms like Windows, Playstation, C64, Nintendos and many more are included in the game.

To succed you have to compete with the very best companies, like EA, Atari, and Activision. Gamebiz holds 18.000 real life games in its database. Beat these outstanding classics, from "Great Giana Sister" to "Turrican" and the Computer gaming world will be yours.

Gamebiz was programmed by Nino Arndt, who also programmed GameBiz 2. The game was released in 2004 and eventually received more than 70.000 downloads up to today.

Gamebiz is still available for download from the Veloci Games website. Though the game itself is freeware, consider donating some money to programmer Nino Arndt to help him cover the costs for hosting the download and developing new games.